High school female athlete running raley race with relay baton.
High school girls line up to challenge a high school boy on the track.
Little boy is in mid-air as he does a long jump at athletic club.

Core Values:







We believe in inspiring a generation of youth to conquer challenges, set records, and sprint towards success, leaving an indelible mark on the world of track and field and beyond - one stride at a time!


Ready to register for Leaders of Speed?

Indoor season (high school only) - Runs November to January. Registration is now closed.

Summer season - Runs late March to early August for athletes 6-18 years old. There are three options for registration:

  1. Early bird registration is $300 until March 30th.
    • Payment plan is available and balance must be paid by March 30th.
    • Athletes will have uniform by first track meet in May.
  2. Extended registration is $330 until April 20th.
    • Payment plan is available and balance must be paid by April 20th.
    • Athletes will not have their uniform before first track meet, but will have it by June.
  3. Non-Compete registration is $150 until May 30th.
    • These athletes only participate in "team home meets" and do not compete in track meets.

Price includes - Uniform, t-shirt, association membership fees, meet registration fees, healthy snacks after practice, book for summer book study, and awards banquet.

    • Non-Compete registration includes - t-shirt, team home meets, healthy snacks after practice, and awards banquet.
    • Click here to view uniform and t-shirt.

Fundraising, Fees, & Discounts:

    • Each family is required to participate in annual fundraisers, but has the option to the mandatory opt-out fee of $100 per family.
    • We offer a "Registration Fee Raffle" defraying the registration fees up to a $100.
    • Sibling discounts are available.


Please check the schedule frequently because of potential changes. Click here to view season schedule.

Practice locations:

  1. Knox Jr. High, The Woodlands, TX 
  2. Lake Creek High School, Montgomery, TX (pending)