This year our Summer Leadership Camp will be fully online from July 20 – August 7, 2020, to combat the “summer slide.” Summer slide is the phrase used to describe the slide backwards that many children make in reading and math skills over the summer. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, learning gaps could be even greater. It’s possible for a child to regress 2-3 months back in terms of reading and math levels if skills are not used. Our Virtual Summer Leadership Camp will combat the summer slide with a 5-point focus on social justice, academic enrichment, movement, leadership and social/emotional learning.

As part of your child’s experience in the Summer Leadership Camp, your child will participate in Dallas City of Learning (DCOL), an education initiative and online platform designed to help students discover new interests, develop skills and earn recognition for learning achievements.

Help us as we continue to fight for equity and close achievement gaps! Learners are Leaders, Inc. is the bridge between the classroom and the "real" world.